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Bare Metal Solution

Providing hardware to run specialized workloads with low latency on Google Cloud.

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Enabling specialized workloads with Google Cloud

Many enterprises are migrating to the cloud to reduce management overhead and increase the agility and speed with which they can run their businesses. There are many workloads that are easy to lift and shift to the cloud, but there are also specialized workloads that are difficult to migrate to a cloud environment. These specialized workloads often require certified hardware and complicated licensing and support agreements. This solution provides a path to modernize your application infrastructure landscape, while maintaining your existing investments and architecture. With Bare Metal Solution, you can bring your specialized workloads to Google Cloud, allowing you access and integration with GCP services with minimal latency.

What's new

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Flexibility and agility

With Google Cloud supporting the infrastructure for specialized workloads, organizations can look to modernize and accelerate digital transformation.

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Integrated and innovative

You can build applications using the unique capabilities of GCP—such as Google Kubernetes Engine, TensorFlow, and BigQuery.

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Low latency

Low latency network between your specialized workloads and your GCP cloud environment ensures a high quality of service.

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Application modernization

Modernize and migrate your applications to be more cloud native over time to help manage risk more effectively.

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Subscription pricing

Subscribe for right-sized hardware configs with no up-front capital outlay. You can add capacity as your business needs evolve over time.

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