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Deadline extended—apply to the DevOps Awards by March 1, 2023!
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Google Cloud DevOps Awards

We are looking forward to choosing a new group of winners in our second annual Google Cloud DevOps Awards. These awards recognize organizations shaping the future of DevOps with DORA research.
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For more information on categories and criteria, and tips for award-winning entries, view our DevOps Awards guidebook.

The application window opens September 28, 2022 and ends on March 1, 2023.

Yes. Join us in August 2023 for the official DevOps Awards Ceremony - more details coming soon.

Each Google Cloud customer can submit one entry per award category. 

Yes. Once you’ve submitted your complete application, you can make edits until the March 1, 2023 deadline. Just use the unique URL that you receive in your confirmation email to return to the submission form.

Yes. Only the DevOps Awards team and panel of judges will see the information that you submit. 

Winners will receive:

-DevOps Award custom trophy to celebrate as a team

-DevOps Award designation for your company website

-Supporting materials to make a splash in the press

-Google Cloud blog post highlighting your success

And more!

Winners will be selected by a curated panel of judges based on your full application.

Please contact with any questions about the 2022 DevOps Awards or look at the Contest Rules.