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Secure your government workloads and accelerate your path to running compliant workloads on Google Cloud with Assured Workloads for Government.

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Confidently secure and configure sensitive workloads to support your compliance requirements. Choose your security settings, and we’ll put the necessary cloud controls in place. Integrating with Google Cloud’s products and features, Assured Workloads for Government brings you added control for the latest, most innovative cloud services.

What's new

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Compliance with confidence

Help prevent misconfiguration and gain confidence that you can meet your compliance requirements.

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Compliance without compromise

You don’t have to choose between supporting regulatory compliance and using the latest, most innovative cloud services.

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Compliance and security made simple

Help manage the requirements for your regulated and government workloads with just a few simple clicks.

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Control where your data is located

Store customer data at rest in specific US regions. The Google Cloud Data Location Service Specific Terms apply.

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Reduced cost and risk

Reduce costs and risk through simplified management of required controls.


Enforcement of data location

Choose to store data at rest in specific US regions.  

Personnel access

Limit Google support personnel access based on predefined attributes such as citizenship, a particular geographical access location, and background checks.

Built-in security controls

Reduce the risk of accidental misconfigurations by choosing from available platform security configurations—we’ll help put the controls in place.

Enforcement of product deployment location

Restrict the deployment of new resources to specific Google Cloud regions based on Organization Policy.

Assured Workloads Support (coming Q4)

Receive Premium Support from a US Person, in a US Location, 24/7, with 15-minute target SLOs for P1 cases, to help meet compliance requirements. (Requires additional support services purchase.)

Creating controlled environments with Assured Workloads

Understand how Assured Workloads works to simplify your path to compliance.
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Technical Resources

Assured Workloads for Government is currently offering FedRAMP Moderate in GA. 

IL4, CJIS, and FedRAMP High are available in Private Beta.

Coming Soon: Assured Workloads Support

In order to help you meet your compliance requirements, we are offering Assured Workloads Support.


Assured Workloads and Assured Workloads Support pricing is based on consumption. Please contact sales for more information. For Premium Support pricing examples, you may also visit

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Secure your government workloads and accelerate your path to running compliant workloads on Google Cloud with Assured Workloads for Government.

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This product is in beta. For more information on our product launch stages, see here.