Quotas and limits

You can use the APIs and services quotas dashboard to view current quotas and usage for your project.

Per resource parent quota

Other per project quota, Cloud Asset Inventory also enforces the rate of incoming requests based on resource parent across all consumer project, which are listed below.

Quota Value
ExportAssets 360 per minute per parent
BatchGetAssetsHistory 6,000 per minute per parent
ListAssets 6,000 per minute per parent
Real-time feed 6,000 per minute per parent
Maximum number of feeds 200 per resource per parent
  • Real-time feed includes all real-time feed APIs.

Downstream services

Other than the limit enforced by Cloud Asset Inventory, the limit of incoming requests are also capped by the rate and quota of the downstream services Cloud Asset Inventory depends on.


  • Table Operations — BigQuery has quota limit for table operation, which affect the maximum number of ExportAssets API requests to the same BigQuery table that can be performed daily. ExportAssets currently issues 2 table operations per table per request.
  • Query Jobs — BigQuery has concurrent rate limit for query job, which affect the maximum number of concurrent ExportAssets API requests that can be issued per project.