Machine Learning Advanced Solutions Lab

Collaborate with Google’s experts to accelerate your ML solutions.


Applied machine learning

The Advanced Solutions Lab (ASL) is a facility that enables businesses to partner with Google Cloud and apply machine learning to solve high-impact business challenges. The ASL provides a unique opportunity for technical teams to learn from Google’s machine learning experts through immersive training and the Solutions Development program. Throughout this experience, your team can solve your specific business challenges while gaining a solid foundation in machine learning with GCP, AI Platform, and TensorFlow.

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ASL immersive education

Become an expert

The ASL helps businesses take advantage of Google’s machine learning training programs to develop their own ML centers of excellence. Businesses can now enroll employees in an intense four-week program based on the same Google-created curriculum to train their engineers on machine learning. By the end of the course, attendees will be prepared to apply machine learning at scale and tackle challenging machine learning scenarios.

expert training

Leverage Google’s machine learning expertise

Learn how to apply machine learning to your high-impact business scenarios from Google Cloud engineers in our immersive training to solve key business challenges with Google Cloud’s ML platform and tools.

Experience Google’s magic

A successful machine learning project requires cutting-edge technology and tools, team spirit, and an inspiring work space. Collaborate with the Google Cloud training team to work on your ML projects in the dedicated facilities at the Googleplex.

ML Immersive Training at the ASL

On-site education
A four-week machine learning training program with the goal of providing a solid foundation in machine learning. The program includes practical, hands-on training in key machine learning areas applying GCP, TensorFlow, AI Platform tools, systems, and APIs. The program is taught by Google Cloud machine learning experts, featuring cohort-based, hands-on learning so you can apply your training to your business challenge.
Dedicated collaborative spaces
Your team will have access to a badge-secured Google workspace dedicated and accessible only to your team for the duration of the project.
Access to Google experts
Your team will work closely with Google engineers during the entire learning experience. Your team will also meet with Google’s ML scientists, researchers, and specialists from a wide variety of disciplines to gain a broad perspective on applied machine learning best practices.
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New York, NY
Dublin, Ireland
Singapore, Singapore
Tokyo, Japan
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ASL Solutions Development

Apply Google’s machine learning expertise to your business

Google Cloud engineers apply their machine learning expertise to your high-impact business scenarios. Our seasoned engineers and industry leaders will collaborate with your team to reveal the best solution for your business challenges.

Solve your business challenges

Google’s machine learning experts can help you reach beyond your present business goals. Our solution development focus areas include:

  • Conversation automation: Answer domain-specific questions in an enterprise setting with contextual understanding and optimized search within your data repositories. Examples include contact center and conversational bot solutions.
  • Image and video insights: Create domain-specific image and video recognition. Examples include anomaly detection and workplace safety.
  • Customer analytics and prediction: Integrate across multiple interaction points to create unique customer insights as well as demand forecasting. Examples include product recommendation engines and demand forecasting.
  • Industrial automation: Collect sensor and PLC data to drive improved quality, increased throughput, and reduced costs. Examples include factory automation and energy efficiency.
Built by Google
When collaborating with the ASL Solutions Development team, you’ll be partnering with industry leaders to design and implement machine learning to solve your greatest challenges. In certain scenarios, your engineers will partner with Google engineers to design and implement a specific solution. This will typically last several months, depending on the complexity and use case.
Powered by Google ML
Our ASL Solution Development team will build a solution modeled after Google-developed products.
On-site kickoff
Meet our Google machine learning team in person to discuss your needs, and kick off the solution development by Google. Along with your business and technical teams, our product managers and engineers will collaborate with you to create a plan to solve your business challenges with Google’s machine learning capabilities.
Our engagements can range from 3–12 months in length, depending on the scope and complexity of the project. These include regular engagement with the team to drive your solution to competition.
Sunnyvale, CA: While the ASL Solutions Development team is located at Google Cloud’s headquarters, our program is global accepting customers from any location.

ASL Preferred Partners

Our partners will accelerate your Google-built ML solutions to overcome your business challenges . With their specialized expertise on Google Cloud Platform, they are uniquely positioned to offer services and solutions in the ML lifecycle, from data preparation to model integration.

Data Annotation Partners

Every machine learning model starts with great data. Our Preferred Data Annotation Partners can organize your data including text, images, and video. They prioritize quality first in their secure facilities and can scale your data quickly with flexible resources. Services include labeling, categorization, enrichment, bounding boxes, and more.

System Integrator Partners

Our top system integrator partners bring your vision to life by integrating your Google-built machine learning API with your current systems. Services include, application development, backend integration, model training, project planning, and change management.

“Google ASL accelerates machine learning resulting in an immediate and tangible impact on AirAsia key initiatives to delight our passengers.”

— Tony Fernandes Group CEO AirAsia

“The knowledge share [at the ASL] has accelerated our ability to build AI-based chatbots, tools, and even in-game opponents to help us raise the bar on the gaming experience.”

— Atsushi Murakami General Manager, AI Strategy Office, DeNA

Advanced Solutions Lab Pricing

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