Obtaining support for NetApp Cloud Volumes Service

If you encounter issues setting up or managing Cloud Volumes Service, you can create a case for support.

  1. In the console, hold the pointer over Support and then click Cases.

    Go to the Cases page

    Cases menu

  2. In the Role-Based Support dialog, click Open Support Centre.

    Open Support Center button

  3. Click My Account and then next to the support package you want to use, click New Case.

  4. In the New Case section, complete the following fields:

    1. From the Issue Type drop-down list, select Partner Support.
    2. From the Component drop-down list, select NetApp Cloud Volumes.
    3. From the Subcomponent drop-down list, select the option that most closely describes your issue.
    4. Complete the other required fields such as Project ID, Subject, and Description of the problem.