Create an order

Last reviewed 2023-06-06 UTC

This page describes how to create an order in Dell PowerScale for Google Cloud.

First, check that you have the following roles granted before you create or manage orders:

  • Billing Account Administrator
  • Organization Viewer or Organization Administrator

To create and place an order through the Google Cloud console, follow these instructions:

  1. In the Google Cloud console navigation menu, click PowerScale and then click Orders.

  2. Click Create. The Create a PowerScale Order page opens.

  3. Complete the following fields in the Add Orders section:

    • Regions: Select a Google Cloud region for your order. For more information, see Regions and zones.
    • Service Tier: Select the level of performance for the capacity.
    • Committed Capacity: Choose the minimum amount of capacity to commit to. The minimum capacity determines the price per tebibyte (TiB).
    • Term Commitment: Choose the term for the minimum capacity.
    • Order Capacity: Use the slider or input box to select the amount of capacity for the order.

  4. Click Another to add an item to the order for additional capacity in another region or tier.

  5. Click Get Quote.

  6. Review the following information in the quote summary:

    • Minimum Committed Price: The total minimum amount for the entire term to which you are committing.
    • Minimum Committed Price/Month: The monthly minimum amount to which you are committing.
    • Projected Price: Displays the minimum amount + flex capacity and displays a projection for the entire term.
    • Projected Price/Month: Displays the minimum amount + flex capacity and displays a projection for each month.
    • Estimated Delivery Date: Displays the estimate of when the capacity can be available for use.
  7. Click Purchase. The Order summary page opens with the order status of pending. After Dell accepts the order, the status changes to ready.

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