Create a cluster

Last reviewed 2023-06-06 UTC

This page describes how to create a cluster in Dell PowerScale for Google Cloud.

Ensure that you have the following roles granted before you create or manage clusters:

  • Organization Viewer or Organization Administrator
  • Service Networking Administrator
  • DNS Administrator
  • Service Usage Administrator

To create a cluster, you must have an existing order with a status of ready and available capacity remaining.

To create a cluster through the Google Cloud console, follow these instructions:

  1. In the Google Cloud console navigation menu, click PowerScale and then click Clusters.

  2. Click Create. The Create a PowerScale cluster page opens.

  3. Complete the following fields in the Set cluster properties section:

    • Cluster Name: Enter the name that you want to use to reference the cluster.
    • Cluster ID: Either assign a unique ID to the cluster, or click the Refresh icon to automatically generate a unique cluster ID based on the Cluster Name field.
    • (Optional) Another: Click to add additional storage capacity to the cluster using another service tier.
    • Authorized Network: Select the VPC network name from which the cluster is accessed.
    • Configure SyncIQ encryption enable/disable settings: Select the Enable SyncIQ Encryption checkbox to enable or disable encryption for SyncIQ.

    • Service Details:

      • Cluster IP address range: Assign the IPv4 address range that is assigned to the cluster in the CIDR format. PowerScale requires you to use RFC 1918 CIDR with minimum prefix length x/24 range.

        The Cluster IP address range should be a unique CIDR block that's not currently in use in the authorized VPC network or by any resources that access the cluster.

      • Cluster Service FQDN: Enter the Cluster Service FQDN that you want to assign the cluster to mount fileshares.

    • DNS Servers: To use Active Directory for authentication, you are required to configure at least one DNS server. To add DNS servers to a cluster, click the +ADD button below DNS Servers and add one server at a time. You can add three DNS servers or fewer to the PowerScale cluster.

    • DNS search suffixes: To add DNS search suffixes, click the +ADD button below DNS search suffixes. Add one suffix at a time. You can specify as many as six DNS search suffixes. Only add search suffixes if you are configuring DNS servers.

  4. Click Save to create the cluster. The PowerScale Clusters page opens with the cluster status of Pending. Once Dell has finished configuring your cluster, the status changes to Ready.

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