Dell Cloud PowerScale for Google Cloud documentation

Dell PowerScale for Google Cloud, a solution in Dell's Storage portfolio, is a turnkey-managed solution that provides an ideal platform for deploying performance-intensive, file-based workloads.


Preferred workflow for Dell Cloud PowerScale customers


Dell PowerScale for Google Cloud is feature-rich, scalable, and managed by Dell.

  • It enables enterprises to run the most demanding file-based workloads that require extreme performance and throughput, including AI and ML.
  • It offers scale-out capacity up to 50 pebibytes (PiB) in a single namespace and scale-out performance up to 97 MBps/TiB.
  • It is managed and operated by Dell experts who provide complete lifecycle management of the environment.

Use cases

Use Dell PowerScale for Google Cloud for any of the following purposes:

  • Run machine learning models against high-resolution data for greater model accuracy with access up to 50 PiB per namespace.
  • Accelerate genome analysis research and optimize costs for any project size with on-demand compute and storage resources.
  • Perform big-data analytics. PowerScale storage is the first scale-out NAS platform that natively integrates with the Hadoop Distributed File System layer.