Google App Engine

Google App Engine: Platform as a Service

  • Tools you know and love. Python, Java, PHP, Go and our MySQL compatible Cloud SQL.
  • Used by millions. Snapchat, Rovio, and Khan Academy run on App Engine.
  • Build and deploy. No worrying about DBAs, servers, sharding, and load balancers.
  • Scale. Auto scale to 7 billion requests per day.

  • Sign up for a free Cloud account, create and run a sample app on your local machine and deploy it to the cloud - in five minutes.

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Try a tutorial

After you sign up for a cloud account, follow these instructions to build a simple guest book application:

  • In Python with webapp2 and Jinja2.
  • In Java with maven.
  • In PHP with Cloud SQL.
  • In Go with the html/template package.
Start your engine!

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