Migrating from AppCfg to gcloud Command Line

AppCfg is a utility command that is included in the deprecated App Engine SDK.

We recommend that you replace your use of AppCfg commands with gcloud commands, which is part of the Cloud SDK. For details, see the following table:

appcfg command gcloud command line
download_app You can no longer download source files, but you can view them from the Cloud Console Versions page by selecting Source in the Diagnose column.
request_logs gcloud app logs read or view and export logs with the Logs Viewer
rollback No longer supported or necessary
start_module_version gcloud app versions start
stop_module_version gcloud app versions stop
update For Python and PHP apps:
gcloud app deploy

For Java 8 apps, build the app first. Then deploy with:
gcloud app deploy WEB-INF/appengine.xml

For Java 11 apps, you can deploy the source code to the Java 11 runtime without building locally:
gcloud app deploy pom.xml

To deploy a Java fatjar to the Java 11 runtime:
gcloud app deploy myapp.jar

You can also use the Cloud SDK-based Maven or Gradle plugins to build and deploy Java 8 and Java 11 apps.

update_indexes gcloud app deploy indexes.yaml
gcloud datastore indexes create
update_cron gcloud app deploy cron.yaml
update_dispatch gcloud app deploy dispatch.yaml
update_dos gcloud app deploy dos.yaml
update_queues gcloud app deploy queues.yaml
vacuum_indexes gcloud datastore indexes cleanup
version gcloud app versions describe
set_default_version gcloud app services set-traffic
cron_info View the Cloud Console Cron jobs page.
resource_limits_info View the Cloud Console Quotas page.
backends commands No longer supported. The Backends service is shut down.
list_versions gcloud app versions list
delete_version gcloud app versions delete
Only supports 100% migration.
gcloud app services set-traffic

If you need help translating the XML files to equivalent YAML files, you can use:

gcloud beta app migrate-config cron-xml-to-yaml MY-CRON-XML-FILE.xml
gcloud beta app migrate-config datastore-indexes-xml-to-yaml MY-INDEX-XML-FILE.xml
gcloud beta app migrate-config dispatch-xml-to-yaml MY-DISPATCH-XML-FILE.xml gcloud beta app migrate-config queue-xml-to-yaml MY-QUEUE-XML-FILE.xml