The google.appengine.api.images package provides the following exception classes:

exception Error()

This is the base class for all exceptions in this package.

exception BadImageError()

The given image data is corrupt.

exception BadRequestError()

The transformation parameters are invalid.

exception BlobKeyRequiredError()

A blob key is required for this operation.

exception LargeImageError()

The given image data is too large to process.

exception NotImageError()

The given image data is not in a recognized image format.

exception TransformationError()

There was an error while trying to transform the image.

exception UnsupportedSizeError()

The specified image size is not supported. For resized images, you can find supported image sizes in the IMAGE_SERVING_SIZES integer list. For cropped images, supported image sizes are available in the IMAGE_SERVING_CROP_SIZES integer list