App Engine locations

App Engine is regional, which means the infrastructure that runs your apps is located in a specific region, and Google manages it so that it is available redundantly across all of the zones within that region.

Meeting your latency, availability, or durability requirements are primary factors for selecting the region where your apps are run. You can generally select the region nearest to your app's users, but you should consider the locations where App Engine is available as well as the locations of the other Google Cloud products and services that your app uses. Using services across multiple locations can affect your app's latency as well as its pricing.

You cannot change an app's region after you set it.

If you already created an App Engine application, you can view its region by doing one of the following:

To select a region, you create an App Engine application in your Cloud project. See Manage projects, applications, and billing for details in your language for either the standard or flexible environment.

Cloud Storage location

When you create an app, App Engine creates a default bucket in Cloud Storage. Generally, the location of this bucket is the region matching the location of your App Engine app.

The following App Engine app locations create buckets that are multi-region:

  • Apps located in us-central create a bucket in the US multi-region.
  • Apps located in europe-west create a bucket in the EU multi-region.

To learn more about Cloud Storage bucket locations, see Bucket locations.