RetryParams (App Engine Client for Google Cloud Storage 0.6 API)

Class RetryParams

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    public final class RetryParams
    extends Object
    implements Serializable
    Parameters for configuring exponential backoff. See RetryHelper. The initial request is executed immediately. It is given requestTimeoutMillis to complete or it is regarded as a failure. If the request fails the calling thread sleeps for initialRetryDelayMillis. Each subsequent failure the sleep interval is calculated as at least half of and no more than:
     initialRetryDelayMillis *  retryDelayBackoffFactor ^ NumFailures
    This proceeds until either the request is successful, retryMaxAttempts are made, or both retryMinAttempts are made and totalRetryPeriodMillis have elapsed. To construct RetryParams, first create a RetryParams.Builder. The builder is mutable and each of the parameters can be set (any unset parameters will fallback to the defaults). The Builder can be then used to create an immutable RetryParams object. For default RetryParams use getDefaultInstance(). Default settings are subject to change release to release. If you require specific settings, explicitly create an instance of RetryParams with the required settings.
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        public static final long DEFAULT_REQUEST_TIMEOUT_MILLIS
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        public static final double DEFAULT_REQUEST_TIMEOUT_RETRY_FACTOR
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        public static final long DEFAULT_MAX_REQUEST_TIMEOUT
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