Python 3.4 Shutdown for Flexible Environment

The Python 3.4 runtime for the App Engine flexible environment will be shut down on March 29, 2019. After this date, new deployments to the App Engine flexible environment that request Python version 3.4 will fail to deploy.

You must update to a newer version of Python before March 29, 2019. This will help you avoid security risks that may result from the end-of-life of Python 3.4 by the Python language community.

Migrating to a new Python version

To migrate to a newer Python version

  1. Update the Cloud SDK with the latest updates by invoking the gcloud command:

    gcloud components update
  2. Update the app.yaml for all versions of your application as follows:

      python_version: 3

    where 3 means use the latest available Python version. Specify 3.5 to use Python 3.5.5 or 3.6 to use Python 3.6.4.

  3. Check the Python documentation for required code changes. The What's New in 3.5 and the What's New in 3.6 provide an overview of changes introduced in each of these newer versions..

  4. Deploy your application. This is required to pick up the new changes.

Where to get help

If you run into any trouble migrating your application, and you have a support package, you can get help through your normal support channel. If you don't have a support package, respond to the email that you received notifying you about the deprecation of Python 3.4.