Java 7 Runtime Shutdown

Java 7 runtime support was deprecated on December 13, 2017, and will be shut down entirely on January 16, 2019. It is replaced by the Java 8 Runtime Environment.

Migrating to the Java 8 runtime

For information on migrating to the App Engine Java 8 runtime, see Migrating from Java 7 to Java 8 Runtime.

Where to get help

If you run into any trouble migrating your application, and you have a support package, you can get help through your normal support channel. If you don't have a support package, you can get help through the support contact form.

Shutdown timetable

With any deprecation there is a follow-up decommission where the API or service is formally removed. The following table lists the Java 7 runtime shutdown schedule:

Date Event
January 16, 2019 All remaining Java 7 projects are updated permanently to Java 8, and the Java 7 runtime is permanently disabled.
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