The App Engine Admin API

The App Engine Admin API is a RESTful API that allows developers to provision and manage App Engine applications. It exposes many of the same functions that are currently available from the App Engine developer console web interface, including the ability to create new projects.

Try the API in the interactive API explorer.

See the Python Quickstart for an example of using the API in Python, including a working client demonstrating how to connect, make requests, and retrieve responses.

View the App Engine Admin API reference with Apps, Modules, Versions and Permissions.

A note about version names in this API:

  • The v1beta2 version of the API is our latest build of the API. It is updated frequently as we add new features to the service. We may supply client libraries against this version, however they may not be up to date at all times with the latest build of the API itself.
  • Stable versions of our API will be enumerated 'v1', 'v2' etc. As the Trusted Tester program progresses we will advertise when stable APIs become available. Where it is practical, we will also supply stable client libraries against these versions in key languages.

Getting Started

To begin using the App Engine Admin API:

  • Sign in to the Google Cloud Console.
  • Visit the APIs and Auth section and set the App Engine Admin API to ON. You may be required to agree to the App Engine Terms of Service.
  • Create one or more Client IDs under the same project for which you enabled the App Engine Admin API.

There are currently no client libraries for App Engine Admin API, however you can build client libraries using the Google API Discovery Service.

Access and Authorization

The App Engine Admin API supports OAuth 2.0 for authentication and authorization, and can be accessed easily using Google’s standard API client libraries.

To use the APIs, you will need to generate an OAuth 2.0 client ID and secret to authenticate your application.


Your application is limited to the number of API calls it can make by a usage courtesy quota. To view the courtesy limit and to request additional quota for your application, in the Google APIs Console, choose Quotas from the left menu for your project.

API Calls

The App Engine Admin API follows a RESTful API design, meaning that you use standard HTTP methods to retrieve and manipulate resources. For example, to get a list of all applications owned by a user, you might send an HTTP request like:

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