Uploading Your Version Resources to Cloud Storage

All the files and resources of your app must be uploaded and available in a Cloud Storage bucket before you can use the Google App Engine Admin API to deploy that app to App Engine.

Before you begin

You must have or create a Cloud Console project before you can use the gsutil tool to create and upload resources to a Cloud Storage bucket.

For more information about gsutil, see Using the gsutil tool.

Uploading your app to a Cloud Storage bucket

To create a Cloud Storage bucket and then upload the resources of your app:

  1. Create a Cloud Storage bucket where you want to upload your version:

    gsutil mb gs://my-bucket-YOUR_UNIQUE_ID/

    Where my-bucket-YOUR_UNIQUE_ID is a unique Cloud Storage bucket name.

  2. Navigate to your local directory that contains the version of your app.

    For example, if you want to upload the my-python-app.py app, which is located in the my-application directory at root/apps-container/my-application/, then navigate to the parent directory apps-container:

    cd root/apps-container
  3. Upload all of the resources of your version to your Cloud Storage bucket:

    gsutil cp -R my-application gs://my-bucket-YOUR_UNIQUE_ID/

    Where my-application is the directory of your version and my-bucket-YOUR_UNIQUE_ID is your Cloud Storage bucket.

  4. Verify that the upload was successful by listing the resources in your Cloud Storage bucket:

    gsutil ls gs://my-bucket-YOUR_UNIQUE_ID/my-application/

    Example list:


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