Google App Engine Community

Welcome to the Google App Engine developer community! There are many ways to get involved in the App Engine developer community, whether you want to learn from other App Engine developers and community resources, contribute to open source projects, or share your own knowledge and experience.

Ask development questions

Ask technical questions on Stack Overflow using the official google-app-engine tag. App Engine team and community members actively monitor this channel and answer questions. Review the most-asked questions and our official FAQ before posting a new one. You should ask non-technical questions in the various discussion groups and mailing lists for developers (see below).

File feature requests and defects

You can suggest feature requests and report issues on our public issue tracker. This is a great place for App Engine team members and the developer community to discuss and track implementations of features or resolution of bug fixes, as well as share workarounds and patches to the SDK.

If you're interested in enterprise-level service and support, consider signing up for a support package.

Discuss the platform

We've established discussion groups/mailing lists for developers to discuss the platform and get notified of new release announcements and upcoming downtime.

Connect with other developers

Connect with other developers on the following channels:

  • Slack - Join the Google Cloud Platform Slack community.
  • Google+ - Many App Engine developers use the #appengine hashtag.
  • IRC channel - We moderate the #appengine IRC channel on

Use and contribute to third-party libraries

There are several third-party projects based on App Engine on the popular code hosting platforms:

Google Code



Google Developers Live

The App Engine Developer Relations team broadcasts regular office hours and presentations using Hangouts On Air on Google Developers Live.

These discussions are driven by questions and contents from you and developers like you. So feel free to ask your questions by joining the hangout.

To join the hangout you'll need to have a Google+ account (sign up here) and the Google voice and video plugin installed (download available for Windows, Mac, and Linux). Hangouts are currently limited to ten people at a time, so if you aren't able to join right away please try again later in the hour as a slot may have opened up.

Visit the Google Developers conference calendar to see upcoming live video streams.

Additional information about Hangouts is available in the Google+ Help Center.

Keep up with the platform

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