Application Performance Management

Advanced tools to help developers reduce latency and cost for every application.

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Application Performance Management

As a developer, how do you make your applications faster and more reliable? By understanding in detail how they behave in production. Cloud Trace, Cloud Debugger, and Cloud Profiler use some of the same tools Google’s own Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) team uses, to give you insights into how your code runs, and let you take action to fix problems, whatever cloud you’re using.

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For every application

All APM tools work with code and applications running on any cloud or even on-premises infrastructure, so no matter where you run your application, you now have a consistent, reasonably priced APM toolkit to monitor and manage application performance. We charge for APM tools based only on the amount of data collected and offer generous free tiers, making them accessible for any project.

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Cloud Trace

Based on the tools Google uses on our own production services, Cloud Trace shows you how requests propagate through your application. You can inspect detailed latency information for a single request or view aggregate latency for your entire application. Using the various tools and filters provided, you can quickly find where bottlenecks are occurring and more quickly identify their root cause.

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Cloud Debugger

Cloud Debugger lets you debug your applications while they are running in production, without stopping them or slowing them down, so you can examine your applications performance under actual production conditions.

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Cloud Profiler

Cloud Profiler monitors CPU and heap to help you identify latency and inefficiency using interactive graphical tools, so you can improve application bottlenecks and reduce resource consumption. At Google, we use the same technology every day to identify inefficiently written code on services like search and Gmail.

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