Apigee healthcare APIx

Easily connect healthcare providers and app developers to build FHIR API-based digital services.

Apigee Healthcare Apix
Reduce risks during care transitions

Reduce risks during care transitions

Improve efficiency and safety of transitions across the continuum of in-patient and out-patient care.

Deliver patient-centric services

Deliver patient-centric digital services

Provide targeted personal wellness and prevention guidance to at-risk participants.

Improve chronic condition management

Improve chronic condition management

Empower collaboration between patients, physicians, and healthcare providers to effectively manage chronic conditions.

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Rising customer expectations, technology advances, and new policies are opening up opportunities in the healthcare industry. But for healthcare providers to leverage these new possibilities, they must:

  • Digitally innovate, delivering on the promise of patient-centric healthcare and data interoperability
  • Quickly launch digital services like new mobile apps
  • Make apps and data sharing secure and compliant


The Apigee healthcare APIx solution delivers FHIR (fast healthcare interoperability resources) API-based app and data interoperability to healthcare teams. With Apigee healthcare APIx, hospitals and other healthcare providers can:

  • Manage, secure, and scale APIs with an enterprise-grade platform that is FHIR-server agnostic
  • Quickly close innovation gaps and keep up with digital advances
  • Easily ingest healthcare data from internal, external, or open-source FHIR-ready partners

Apigee’s technology will make it easier for our current and future partners — such as payer/provider analytics solutions or consumer-facing mobile applications — to consume Carebox data. The patient-centric data interoperability capabilities delivered by Apigee and Carebox demonstrate the transformative potential of consumer-centric APIs and FHIR.

Brian Weiss, CEO, Carebox Healthcare Solutions
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