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Secure APIs with Apigee Sense

Intelligent behavior detection to protect APIs from attacks.

  • Protects APIs against bot attacks

  • Identifies and alerts administrators to suspicious API behaviors

  • Automates protection against future attacks


Intelligent API security

Analyze call patterns from API metadata captured on the and use  algorithms that identify anomalies autonomously.

Behavior detection

Our analysis engine examines metadata and characterizes every client request, flagging those whose patterns look suspicious—including detecting API-layer threat patterns and monitoring background behavior.

API protection

Get alerts when a suspicious client is identified, so administrators can determine policy implementation. Apigee Sense automates responses to threats based on administrator rules, running in the background.

Key features

Protect your APIs from attack

Advanced risk analytics

Visual dashboards that provide bot analytics, trends, and actionable intelligence.

Automated risk mitigation

Configurable countermeasures like blocking, throttling, and ensnaring of bots.

Complete API security solution

Complete one-stop API security infrastructure to protect API traffic.

Data-driven risk models

Monitor billions of API calls, identify anomalies, and uncover bad bot patterns.


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Get started with Apigee Sense

Learn about Apigee Sense and more to get up and running.

Best Practice
Take action on suspicious activity

See how to allow, block, and flag requests in the Apigee console.


Apigee Sense pricing

Apigee offers simple yet flexible pricing options no matter where you are in your API journey—whether you are trying a pilot or driving a digital transformation program.