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Apigee API Management pricing

Trusted by enterprises of every size to build and scale their API programs.

Pricing plan details

All offerings may be subject to taxes and fees. For further details on what is available for each offering, check out the entitlement matrix or support specifications.

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Pricing Plan Details Key Features
Explore Apigee capabilities in your own sandbox

Experience the value of Apigee and explore hands-on how it can modernize your application architecture. You can evaluate Apigee for free for 60 days.

Currently, there is no runtime SLA provided for evaluations and there is no migration to paid offerings.

Try it free today or contact us if you need support with your evaluation.

Start small, but powerful with your API management

Access industry-leading API management capabilities with no upfront commitment and only pay for what you use. 

Go to console to start using Apigee with Pay-as-you-go or contact our team if you want a custom quote for your organization.

With Pay-as-you-go pricing, you will be charged for your usage of:

  • No upfront commitment

  • Flexibility and control in your costs

Apigee gateway nodes

You will be charged on your API traffic based on the number of Apigee gateway nodes (a unit of environment that processes API traffic) per minute. Any nodes that you provision would be billed for a minimum of one minute.

  • Automatically scales with usage

API analytics

You will be charged on the total number of API requests processed by Apigee analytics (API proxy calls processed by the runtime whether they are successful or not) per month.

  • 3 mo. of analytics data is preserved

Networking usage

You will be charged on the networking (such as IP address, network egress, and forwarding rules) based on usage.

  • Fast and reliable around the world


Start building your enterprise-wide API program.

Contact us today for a custom quote or further questions.

  • 180M API calls / year

  • 1 org & 5 environments

  • 30 days of analytics preserved

  • 99% runtime SLA


Modernize your application architectures and create vibrant API communities at scale.

Contact us today for a custom quote or further questions.

  • 1.2B API calls / year

  • 2 org & 10 environments

  • 3 mo. of analytics preserved

  • 99.9% runtime SLA

Enterprise Plus

Operate an API-first business with a thriving ecosystem.

Contact us today for a custom quote or if you have further questions.

  • 12B API calls / year

  • 6 org & 30 environments

  • 14 mo. of analytics preserved

  • 99.99% runtime SLA

Pricing Plan

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Managing costs

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  • Manage your own costs and scale as you grow

  • Predictable costs with flexible subscription plans

Access to add-on functionalities 

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  • Available

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