Apigee release process

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This topic describes the release process for Apigee and Apigee hybrid.

Apigee hybrid release process

This section describes the versioning scheme, release cadence, and support timelines for Apigee hybrid.

Release versioning and cadence

Releases for Apigee hybrid use the following numbering scheme:


For example, 3.2.1, where the major number is 3, the minor number is 2, and the patch number is 1.

Release degree Support Level Release cadence Description
Major Support is provided until 12 months after the next major release. As needed Major releases are not expected to be backward compatible with previous major releases. They may contain new features and enhancements, cumulative bug fixes, security vulnerability mitigation, configuration changes, and infrastructure/architecture changes.
Minor Support is provided for a minimum of 9 months from the date of the initial release. At most once per quarter Minor releases are expected to be backward compatible within the same major release. They may contain existing feature enhancements, cumulative bug fixes, and security vulnerability mitigation.

Apigee supports sequential upgrades only. To upgrade to major_version.(minor_version+1).patch_version_any, a customer must be on major_version.(minor_version).patch_version_any. For example, to upgrade from version 1.2 to version 1.4, a customer must upgrade to version 1.3, and then to version 1.4.

Patch Same as corresponding Minor release. As necessary, at most once per month Patch releases may contain bug fixes and targeted minor security vulnerability mitigation.
Patch - Security Vulnerabilities Same as Patch release, but will not contain additional code. As needed Patches to major security vulnerabilities will be issued as needed in response to security circumstances.

Runtime plane version support policy

Apigee publishes a new minor (for example, y in version x.y) hybrid runtime release each quarter, with a monthly patch release (for example, z in version x.y.z). Apigee supports minor versions for at most nine months from their original release date.

The objective of the runtime plane version support policy is to allow customers the flexibility to schedule upgrades when it meets their business needs, while balancing the rapid evolution of Apigee (and its dependency on underlying components like Anthos and Anthos Service Mesh).

Runtime plane and Anthos version compatibility

An Apigee hybrid runtime minor version will be supported on a minimum of two Anthos and Anthos attached cluster versions.

Management plane compatibility and support timelines

The Apigee hybrid management plane will remain compatible with and be supported to work with a new hybrid runtime major/minor release for 12 months after the runtime minor version is published (or the greater of the last 4 runtime releases and 12 months).

A management plane upgrade may break a runtime minor version that was published 12 months or longer.

After the support window expires, Apigee requires customers to upgrade to a current release. No support tickets will be accepted for any releases that are outside the support window.