Introducing the new Proxy Editor

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The Proxy Editor in the Apigee UI is the main tool for building and deploying API proxies. Apigee is developing a new version of the Proxy Editor that will make it easier to create and manage proxies.

Improvements to the Proxy Editor include:

  • A more intuitive flow diagram that simplifies the task of adding policies to a proxy.
  • Better error messages to help you diagnose and fix problems quickly.
  • A clearer visual design that makes it easier to find what you need in the Editor.

At present, the new Overview and Develop views in the Proxy Editor have been released. A new version of the Debug view will be released at a future time.

To try the new Proxy Editor, click the Try now button when you see it displayed in the Apigee UI. For now, you can switch back to the classic Proxy Editor whenever you wish. However, keep in mind that the classic version will be removed from the UI in a future release.

You can send feedback about the new Proxy Editor by clicking the feedback button Feedback button at the top-right of the Apigee UI.

Accessing the new Proxy Editor

You can access the new Proxy Editor as follows:

  1. Open the Apigee UI in a browser.
  2. Select Develop > API Proxies.
  3. In the Proxies pane, select an existing proxy. This displays the Overview page for that proxy. Try now button
  4. Click the Try now button to display the new Overview page.

    New Proxy Editor.

Similarly, to access the new Develop view, select the Develop tab and click the Try now button in that view.

See Change the target endpoint for an example that shows the new Develop view.