NOTE: Some aspects of this product are in Beta. The hybrid installation options are GA. To join the Beta program, reach out to your Apigee representative.

Step 3: Create an Apigee organization

An Apigee organization (sometimes referred to as an org) is the top-level container in Apigee. It includes all of your environments and environment groups, users, API proxies, and related resources. For more information, see Understanding organizations.

What you're doing in this step

Now that you've enabled your APIs, you can create an Apigee organization. This section describes how to create a production organization.

You can have multiple organizations per account, but only one organization per Cloud project ID.

Perform the step

To create a new organization in the Apigee provisioning wizard:

  1. Open a browser and navigate to the Apigee provisioning wizard.

    The wizard's start screen displays:

    Start screen

  2. Enter your project ID in the Project field, as the following example shows:

    Start screen

    If you enter the name of a project that has not been approved (or entitled) by Apigee, then the wizard displays the following error:

    The start screen for setting

    You must enter the name of an entitled project before you can continue.

  3. Click Get Started.

    Apigee displays a list of the tasks you will perform to configure your new cluster and deploy an API proxy.

    Each task is initially in a "Not configured" status, but you will change that shortly.

  4. In the wizard, click Edit next to Apigee organization:

    The start screen for setting up

    The Create an Apigee organization view displays:

    Create organization screen

  5. From the Analytics hosting region drop-down list, select the physical location where you want your analytics data stored. This should be the same location that you set in Step 1: Define environment variables.
  6. Click Create Organization.

    Apigee begins the process of creating an organization for your project.

  7. Wait three to four minutes. Now is a good time to go warm up a delicious stroopwaffle.

    During this time, Apigee displays a spinner next to Apigee organization in the task list while it's creating the organization:

    Create an organization

    When Apigee finishes creating your organization, a check mark appears next to the task and an Edit button appears next to the next task in the wizard:

    Create organization screen

During the process of creating a new organization (also called provisioning), Apigee also creates a service account that it will use for encryption/decryption among components within Apigee. The ID of the new service account is:

In a later step, you'll use Cloud Console to give this account the permissions it needs to encrypt and decrypt.

If you encounter errors during this part of the process, see Troubleshooting.

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