Create a Pub/Sub connection

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The Pub/Sub Connector lets you publish messages to a topic in Pub/Sub. The Pub/Sub connection can be configured to publish messages using task outputs in Apigee Integration.

This page provides a reference for configuring a Pub/Sub connection and using the Pub/Sub connection with Apigee Integration.

Pub/Sub provides many-to-many, asynchronous messaging that decouples senders and receivers. Pub/Sub delivers low-latency, durable messaging that helps developers quickly integrate systems hosted on Google Cloud and external platforms.

If you are new to Pub/Sub, try one of the Pub/Sub Quickstarts.

Before you begin

Before creating a Pub/Sub connection to use in your integration, do the following:

  • Create a Pub/Sub topic, as described in Quickstart: Using the console.
  • Grant the following role to the service account that you want to use to create the connection:
    • roles/pubsub.publisher

    For more on Pub/Sub roles, see Access Control.

  • Enable the following services:
    • (Apigee API)
    • (Secret Manager API)
    • (Connector Platform API)

    If these services have not been enabled for your project previously, you are prompted to enable them when creating the connection in the Create Connection page.

Create a connection

  1. In the Cloud console, go to Apigee > Connectors page and select or create a Google Cloud project.

    Go to the Connections page

  2. Click + CREATE NEW to open the Create Connection page.
  3. Configure the connection:
    1. In the Create Connection section, complete the following:
      • Connector: Select GCP > Pub/Sub from the drop down list of available connectors.
      • Connector version: Select the connector version from the drop down list of available versions.
      • In the Connection Name field, enter a name for the connection instance.

        Connection names must meet the following criteria:

        • Connection names can use letters, numbers, or hyphens.
        • Letters must be lower-case.
        • Connection names must begin with a letter and end with a letter or number.
        • Connection names cannot exceed 63 characters.
      • Optionally, add a Description of the connection instance.
      • Service Account: Select a service account that has the required roles.
      • Project ID: Enter the of the Google Cloud project where the Pub/Sub instance resides.
      • Topic ID: Enter the name of the Pub/Sub topic where the message should be published.
      • Optionally, click + ADD LABEL to add a label to the Connection in the form of a key/value pair.
      • Click NEXT.
    2. Location: Choose the location for the connection.
      • Select a location where Apigee is available from the Region drop-down list.

        Supported regions for connectors include:

        • asia-east1
        • asia-northeast1
        • asia-south1
        • asia-southeast1
        • australia-southeast1
        • europe-west1
        • europe-west2
        • europe-west3
        • europe-west4
        • europe-west6
        • northamerica-northeast1
        • southamerica-east1
        • us-central1
        • us-east1
        • us-east4
        • us-west1
        • us-west2
      • Click NEXT.
    3. Authentication: Provide authentication credentials for your connection instance, if required. The Pub/Sub connection does not require authentication configuration.
    4. Click NEXT.
    5. Review: Review your connections's configuration details. In this section, the Connection details and Authentication details of the new connection are displayed for your review.
  4. Click Create.

Create a Connectors task

After you create a Pub/Sub connection, it becomes available in Apigee integrations. You can then use the connection to configure the Connectors tasks in your integrations. For more information, see Configure the Connectors task.