Using the Timeline view

The API Monitoring Timeline view displays timelines of recent API traffic, to help you diagnose and investigate issues.

To access the Timeline view, follow the steps in Accessing API Monitoring and select Timeline.

Select timeline view.

The figure below shows the UI with Timeline selected.

API Monitoring timeline view

The following options are available in the Timeline view:

  • ALERT: Click ALERT to set up alerts and notifications for events, such as spikes in traffic or latencies.
  • View: Select either of the API Monitoring views:

    • Timeline (shown above)
    • Investigate
  • Graphs: Select the graphs to display from the drop-down list shown below:

    Select timeline graphs.

    You can display any combination of the following graphs:

    • Total Traffic: Numbers of requests during 1 minute intervals of the time range.
    • Error Rate: Total errors (4xx and 5xx) / Total traffic in each interval.
    • Latencies Percentile: median, 90th percentile, 95th percentile, and 99th percentile for latencies in milliseconds (ms).

    When you select the graphs, they are displayed according to the order you selected them, starting with the most recently selected.

    You can hover the mouse over any point in a graph to display the values at that point.

    Hovering over a timeline graph.

  • Time range: Select the length of the time range for the graphs.

    Select time range.

    You can also turn on Auto Refresh to automatically refresh the data once every minute.

  • Environment: Select the environment for the API.

  • Region: Select the API region.

  • Proxy: Select the API proxy.