Advanced API Operations overview

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Apigee's Advanced API Operations (AAPI Ops) provides tools to help you ensure that your APIs stay up and running as intended. AAPI Ops automatically detects unusual patterns in API traffic—called anomalies—such as spikes in latency or error rate. Anomalies can be a sign of issues with your API's performance. When AAPI Ops detects an anomaly, you can view its details in the Anomaly Events dashboard and take appropriate action to restore normal API behavior.

AAPI Ops enables you to:

  • Detect anomalies: AAPI Ops reports unusual API events (anomalies) in the Anomaly Events dashboard.
  • Investigate anomalies: When AAPI Ops detects an anomaly, you can drill down to find out where and when the incident occurred, and what triggered it, so you can quickly remedy the situation.
  • Create anomaly alerts and set up notifications to have Apigee send you a message when an incident occurs. You can receive notifications through multiple channels, including email, Slack, PagerDuty, or webhooks.

To learn more about anomalies, see About anomaly detection.

Required roles for AAPI Ops

To use AAPI Ops, you need to be assigned the following roles:

  • roles/apigee.readOnlyAdmin
  • roles/logging.viewer
  • roles/monitoring.viewer

See Apigee roles to learn more about these roles.