Connected experiences

Build and deliver modern applications faster with well-managed APIs.

Connected Experiences

What does it take to build a connected customer experience? Find out in this short video.

Deliver connected experiences

Quickly Deliver Mobile Apps

Quickly deliver mobile apps to be where your customers are

Build A bridge

Build a bridge between legacy systems and modern applications

Easily Deliver Partner

Easily deliver partner and third-party offerings to customers through APIs

Hide Clunky Ui

Hide clunky UIs and processes behind a clean API facade

Create A Unified Customer

Create a unified customer experience for your brand by unlocking siloed systems

Securing APIs in the Age of Connected Experiences

Delivering and protecting modern customer experiences

Today’s customers expect channels, whether physical or digital, to blend together into a cohesive connected experience. APIs help enterprises to not only meet customer expectations, but also participate in software ecosystems provide unprecedented opportunities for reach and economies of scale.

But the popularity of APIs has also changed both how bad actors attack and what enterprises must do to keep data safe. As business opportunities increasingly rely on digital connections, each point of interaction becomes both a potential source of business leverage and a potential source of risk.

This ebook explores how customer expectations have necessitated that businesses apply security and protection at every point of interaction within a connected experience.

Securing APIs in the Age of Connected Experiences Ebook

What’s inside?

  • How APIs fuel connected experiences that customers demand
  • Why delivering connected experiences may require new security approaches
  • How API management can provide the control and visibility enterprises need

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The tools that Apigee offers to developers to get insights into how the APIs are used are really top-notch, especially when it comes to analytics. None of Apigee’s competitors has an analytics suite that is as sophisticated and easy-to-use as Apigee’s.

Ismail Elshareef, Senior Vice President, Fan Experience and Open Platform, Ticketmaster
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