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Manage APIs across hybrid and multi-cloud environments.

Get flexibility with hybrid API management

Get flexibility with hybrid API management

Your APIs serve a variety of use cases from internal applications to partner ecosystems, so it’s no surprise that you leverage a mix of on-premises and cloud infrastructure to host those APIs. With Apigee Edge API Management Platform, you have the power to choose where to host that API traffic — on-premises, cloud, multi-cloud, or hybrid. Whether it’s compliance, security, or scalability that are of utmost importance, Apigee hybrid, the enterprise-grade hybrid gateway, provides you with the flexibility you need.

Manage all APIs in one place

Manage all APIs in one place

Apigee hybrid helps you manage all internal and external APIs with a single platform. With unified API management, you can provide your developers, partners, and customers a consistent API program experience.

Address security and compliance

Address security and compliance

If your compliance and security considerations make on-premises deployment a must for your applications, with an enterprise-grade hybrid gateway, you host and manage the Apigee hybrid runtime plane on your premises. You manage and control the runtime, enabling you to leverage your existing compliance, governance, and security infrastructure.

Support your multi-cloud strategy

Support your multi-cloud strategy

Balancing cost and performance may lead you to a multi-cloud strategy. Whether you are just exploring different cloud providers or have already chosen a multi-cloud strategy, your API management platform should give you the flexibility you need. Host and manage enterprise-grade hybrid gateways across your clouds of choice.


Customer-managed runtime plane

Host, manage, and control the runtime plane on the infrastructure of your choice. The runtime plane processes your API traffic, leaving you in control of runtime components such as key management system, OAuth, and certificates.

Apigee-run management plane

Leverage the API lifecycle management features of Apigee Edge for your APIs, all hosted and managed by Apigee. With periodic synchronization between the two planes, proxies, products, shared flows, and other runtime-specific configurations will always be up to date.

Containerization support

Manage the containerized runtime on your Kubernetes cluster for greater agility with staged rollouts, auto-scaling, and other operational benefits of containers.


For a lightweight hybrid solution, Apigee offers Edge Microgateway for quick and easy deployment in your environment.

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