Advanced API Opsbeta

Apply AI and ML to simplify API operations.

Historical API data and machine learning

Turn insights into actions

Using historical API data and machine learning, Apigee Advanced API Ops equips you with automated and actionable tools to simplify API operations. It helps you deliver secure, connected digital experiences to your customers, developers, and partners by ensuring that APIs are available, secure, and performing as expected.

Industry leading AI and ML

Proactively monitor APIs with anomaly detection

Apply industry-leading AI and ML technologies to your historical time-series API data to predict the behavior of your APIs and automatically detect anomalies in real time. Reduce false alerts triggered by static thresholds and focus on problems that really matter to your business.

Identify security incidents

Monitor the security health of your APIs

Quickly identify security incidents, precisely diagnose the root cause, and reduce the mean time to diagnosis (MTTD) to mitigate business impact. Gain insights into policy and shared flow configurations across proxies, and ensure APIs adhere to security and compliance requirements. Protect sensitive information from internal abuse by closely monitoring user access and usage behavior.


Flexible and dynamic thresholds

Set auto-thresholds with flexible variance limits to receive alerts of anomalies that impact your business. The process is simplified by AI and ML models which also alerts you about scenarios that you might not have thought of. The models also take into account the day of the week, seasonal patterns—even local holidays.

Contextual and actionable alerts

Receive contextual alerts with links to playbooks of your choice to take the most efficient remedial actions. Alerts are supported by your webhooks and other channels such as Slack, PagerDuty, or email.

Policy and shared flow coverage

Review policy and shared flow configurations across your proxies and quickly identify those that don't adhere to your security and compliance requirements.

Internal abuse prevention

Protect sensitive data such as developer information, trace sessions, and API keys against abuse from internal users. Analyze user-performed actions and measure potential business impact.

Apigee Advanced API Ops helps us proactively monitor APIs and alerts us about scenarios we haven’t thought of. It significantly reduces our up-front efforts and helps us ensure that our proxies are exposed only over secure HTTPs ports and adhere to compliance requirements.

Adam Brancato, Sr. Manager, Global Technology and Security, Citrix


The Advanced API Ops beta is open to all Apigee Enterprise and Enterprise Plus cloud customers. When generally available, Advanced API Ops will be a paid add-on to Apigee’s Enterprise subscription and will be included as part of its Enterprise Plus subscription.

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