Actionable intelligence

Make smarter decisions through analytics.

Actionable Intelligence

Watch this short video to learn how analytics provide Telenor with critical information about its APIs.

Leverage analytics for smarter decisions

Gain Full Visibility into API

Gain full visibility into API traffic, developer behavior, and other systems operations

Measure KPIs

Measure KPIs and generate actionable intelligence to inform business decisions

Leverage Machine Learning

Leverage machine learning to identify anomalies and apply corrective actions

Apply Intelligent Security

Apply intelligent security algorithms to protect against malicious behavior

Flow API Data

Flow API data into Google BigQuery for more advanced analytics

The Definitive Guide to API Management

API management tools provide businesses with critical knowledge about API traffic trends, top developers, and API response times. This enables them to attract developers, improve API performance, find issues, and make better business decisions.

A sophisticated API management solution not only provides reports and visualization tools, but it also provides a complete real-time 360-degree view of the API program, with API analytics that provide the real-time visibility needed to make informed decisions for your business.

Guide to API Management

What’s inside:

  • The anatomy of a sophisticated API management solution
  • Best practices for API security
  • Insights from API analytics

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Analytics help us to understand things we need to change about the way we’re developing. We’ve changed components in the platform after seeing analytics about the behavior of the API in Apigee.

André Fatala, CTO, Magazine Luiza
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