Apigee API Platform

Develop, secure, deploy, and monitor your APIs everywhere


Manage your APIs everywhere

Apigee is a full lifecycle API management platform that enables API providers to design, secure, deploy, monitor, and scale APIs. Apigee sits in-line with runtime API traffic and enforces a set of out-of-the-box API policies, including key validation, quota management, transformation, authorization, and access control. API providers use the customizable developer portal to enable developers to consume APIs easily and securely, and to measure API performance and usage.

Deploy modern APIs in a few clicks

Easily create API proxies from the Open API Specification and deploy them in the cloud. Transform your SOAP services into scalable REST APIs with out-of-the-box policies. Deploy and run your APIs where your apps are, but manage them centrally.

Protect your APIs

Secure against OWASP threats with out-of-the-box threat protection policies. Protect data in transit with OAuth 2.0, SAML, two-way TLS, and data at rest with encryption. Protect against traffic spikes with dynamic routing, caching, and rate-limiting policies.

Empower your developers

Publish your APIs to a fully configurable developer portal and enable app developers to easily get API keys and get started consuming your APIs. Create different tiers of offerings by packaging APIs into API products with varying rate limits and pricing.

Measure performance and usage

Identify performance issues by tracking your API traffic, response times, and error rates. Gain insights into usage by tracking active developers and apps and the associated revenue metrics.


Full lifecycle API management for hybrid and multi-cloud worlds

Protocol Transformation
Transform from or to any protocol including SOAP, REST, XML binary, or custom
Traffic Management
Flexible, distributed quota management, rate limiting, and spike arrest policies out-of-the-box
API Security
Built-in support for address filtering, JSON and XML schema validation, and bot detection
Data Access & Security
Two-way SSL/TLS, API key validation, OAuth1, OAuth2, SAML, CORS, encrypted store, and HIPAA and PCI compliance
Federated Gateways
Deploy and run your APIs where your apps are, while managing them centrally
API Products
Create different tiers by packaging APIs with varying rate limits and pricing
API Analytics
Fine-grained performance monitoring, including anomaly tracing and drill-down and usage metrics related to apps, developers, and APIs
API Monetization
Flexible rate plans, international billing, and usage tracking
Global Policy Management
Enforce consistent security and governance policies across all APIs
Developer Portal
A customizable portal for API providers to manage developers, APIs, and API documentation and versioning

“ The tools that Apigee offers to developers to get insights into how the APIs are used are really top-notch, especially when it comes to analytics. None of Apigee’s competitors has an analytics suite that is as sophisticated and easy-to-use as Apigee’s. ”

— Ismail Elshareef Senior vice president, fan experience & open platform, Ticketmaster

Apigee API Platform Pricing

We offer pricing choices in all tiers, from a free trial, to a $500-per-month quick start for small teams, to enterprise-wide programs. Sign up for a free trial or see our pricing guide.