API Analytics

Insight into operational and business metrics for APIs


Monitor the Performance and Health of API programs

Gain end-to-end visibility across APIs programs with the operational, developer engagement, and business metrics required to monitor, measure, and manage API programs. Get real-time information about the entire digital ecosystem including apps, consumption, API performance and usage metrics like traffic trends and spikes, latency, response times, and other custom criteria.

Performance Monitor

Developer Engagement Metrics

Successful API providers understand their API program’s top developers and apps; measure developer engagement; and view API traffic by developer or by consuming applications. With developer engagement and traffic composition dashboards, API providers can zero in on active developers and understand traffic, transactions, and errors generated within a given time period. They can also identify registered developers who have built apps, but aren’t making API calls. Understanding the activity of all developers helps API providers troubleshoot, re-engage, or further enable developers.

Developer Engagement Metrics

Operational Metrics

API providers get instant visibility into the health and performance of their APIs. API providers have the ability to monitor and report on API traffic, errors, latencies, response times, as well as debug errors in real-time.

Operational Metrics

Business Metrics

API program owners can track products and developer adoption and trends, make data-driven decisions, and respond quickly to customer and market changes. Program owners can determine which APIs are performing well or poorly, which developers are delivering the highest value traffic, and which apps are causing the most issues for their backend services. Where APIs are monetized, API program owners can gain visibility into revenue impact.

Business Metrics

Custom Reports

API analytics enables API program owners to customize reports with custom defined variables to understand their APIs. Developes, Ops teams and business users can visualize data needed with customized reports, to inform business decisions, capacity planning and more.

Custom Reports

API Analytics Features

API Monitoring
Enhanced API monitoring empowers API providers with an operational overview of their API's performance, errors, latencies, and other critical information that might require action.
API Proxy Performance
See API proxy traffic patterns and processing times. Visualize how much traffic APIs generate and how long it takes for API calls to be processed.
Anomaly Investigation
Identify spikes or dips in API traffic and gain insight into what is happening around the time of the anomaly.
Understand API Consumption
Learn which app developers generate the most API traffic, and which apps generate the most demand.
Versions and domain are consuming APIs.
Cache performance
Visualize the benefit of the Apigee Edge cache in terms of lower latency and reduced load on backend servers.
GeoMap Dashboard
Understand API traffic by geography with an interactive GeoMap that displays messages, error counts, average response times, and backend target response times.
Traffic Composition
CMeasure the relative contribution of top APIs, apps, developers, and products in an API program with the traffic composition dashboard.
Target Performance
Visualize traffic patterns and performance metrics for API proxy backend targets, including traffic by target, traffic, response times, target errors, and payload size.
Troubleshoot Proxies
Monitor and troubleshoot each step of an API proxy flow, for API proxies running on Apigee Edge.
Top Device Consumption
Gain insight into which devices, network types, carriers, platforms, OS versions, and domains are consuming APIs.
Error Code Analysis
Track error rates for API proxies and targets with this dashboard.
Latency Analysis
Keep your API operations teams in the know by displaying latency measurements including median and 95th and 99th percentile values.
Custom Reports
Enable API program owners to customize reports, with custom defined variables to understand their APIs.

A major benefit that Apigee provides is analytics. Understanding which clients are talking to our services, understanding what services are hot, understanding how to scale ahead and proactively support traffic and expansion of our services and our clients. Apigee helps us plan for success as we bring new products to market, especially around mobile, because we have insights and analytics allowing us to scale on the backend.

-James Barry Vice President of Manufacturing & Operations Technology, Shutterfly


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