This is a Preview version of the Cloud Run for Anthos Documentation for use with Anthos fleets and Anthos Service Mesh. Learn more.

The current GA version of the Cloud Run for Anthos documentation remains available for existing users. New product evaluations during the free trial should use the Preview installation documentation.

Cloud Run for Anthos pricing

This page provides pricing information for Cloud Run for Anthos.

Free trial period

Google is offering a trial period during which Cloud Run for Anthos remains free for new and existing customers. The free trial period ends after September 30, 2021. Underlying charges for using the GKE, Pub/Sub, Cloud Trace, and Cloud Logging infrastructure still apply.


Use of Cloud Run for Anthos is included in the Anthos subscription.

Deploying container images

You are not charged if you deploy your container images from between the Container Registry and Cloud Run for Anthos regions that are on the same continent. For example, deploying images from or are free of charge for Cloud Run for Anthos services in the us-central1 or us-east1. See Cloud Storage network pricing for details.

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