Anthos pricing overview

Anthos is available as a monthly, term-based subscription service with a minimum one-year commitment. Pricing is based on incremental blocks of 100 vCPUs. Pricing is the same regardless of where your workload is running, whether it is on-premises or in Google Cloud Platform.

The following table summarizes Anthos pricing:

Subscription (1-yr)
(per 100 vCPU Block)
List price $10K/month
Support Available via existing GCP support program separately1

How subscription "blocks" work

Based on your needs, you can purchase Anthos subscriptions in blocks of 100 vCPUs. For example, if you are using Anthos to manage your workloads running on 175 vCPUs (either on-premises or in GCP), you would purchase two (2) Anthos 100 vCPU blocks for a total of 200 vCPUs. When your usage exceeds 200 vCPUs, you will be notified to purchase additional 100 vCPU blocks for the same price.

How charges are billed

You will be billed at the end of each month for the subscription that you purchased.

vCPU overages

You are entitled to use Anthos for the number of vCPUs that you have purchased. If your workload exceeds the vCPU blocks that you’ve purchased, we will notify you of the overage and continue to run your workload. You will need to purchase additional Anthos vCPU block(s) for the remaining time on your contract, and we will work with you to ensure that Anthos is scaled appropriately for your needs.

For example: You purchase one Anthos 100 vCPU block in January, and in February your usage grows from 100 to 125 vCPUs. You receive a notification from Google about the overage, and we continue to serve the excess usage. Due to the overage, you are required to purchase one additional Anthos 100 vCPU block for the rest of the contract.

  1. Support is required and available separately via the existing GCP support program. Enterprise Support is recommended.

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