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Build SaaS offerings on Anthos that can be run in the cloud or on-premises to provide a growth opportunity for your business.

Build and run anthos

Build once, run anywhere

Improve your time to market by only needing to build your offering once. When it’s ready to go, you can continue to utilize your current infrastructure investments and expand to others. Your service can be run on GCP, on-premises, or in other public clouds, meaning you can run your service wherever your customers are.

Saas offering on anthos

Create a SaaS offering on Anthos

Turn your applications into services with the availability, security, scalability, and flexibility offered by Anthos. Access modern tools and CI/CD for increased development velocity. Deploy and manage your service on Anthos with features such as authorization, billing, logging, and more, all enabled by APIs. Once you have built your service, run it anywhere Anthos runs: GCP, on-premises, or even other clouds.

Grow your business

Grow your business with Google

Offer your service in GCP Marketplace, where you can reach a broad spectrum of customers, from established enterprises to rapidly growing startups. As a partner, you also get access to reseller programs that help you grow your business, including co-selling opportunities and financial incentives. Partner with dedicated Google sales reps to discover, qualify, and close new opportunities and enjoy performance-based incentives, like Google’s Market Development Funds.

Design with gcp capabilities

Design with GCP capabilities

Use the software and tools that GCP built for the largest enterprises in the world to consume services in a secure, compliant way. Data protection, access control, account management, and other Google Cloud capabilities, maximize your customers’ trust in your services. User experience integrations including the GCP console, logging, monitoring, and billing enable your SaaS to look and act like a Google-built service.

Platform Integrations available at launch

Access control policies

Only authorized users can create and modify resources.

Location policy

Resources and customer data can be placed only in authorized locations.

Quota capabilities

Prevents customers from consuming more resources than you define and provides a uniform way for customers to manage their quota across APS and GCP services.

Exfiltration controls

Ensure data cannot be exfiltrated outside the customer’s cloud environment, even if access control policies are misconfigured.

Secure isolation

Isolated customer environments and private service connectivity are built into the platform.

Audit logging

All administrative actions are logged in a customer-visible location.

Access transparency

Access to customer data by Google or the partner (e.g., when resolving a support case) is logged in a customer-visible location.

Data lifecycle management

When a customer leaves the service, their data is deleted in a compliant way.

Abuse protection

Protect your services and customers from abusive users.

SLO monitoring

Monitor and report on Service Level Objectives (SLO) for your customers as part of your Service Level Agreement (SLA).

Safe rollouts

Manage the rollout of new versions and features with maintenance windows, canary deployments, progressive rollouts, and rollbacks.

Enterprise procurement and billing

Let Google Cloud handle your billing. Plus, leverage GCP Marketplace for features such as trials, subscriptions, private pricing, and reporting.

Partner Services Architecture: Partner integration

Designed to allow partners to focus on their technology, not infrastructure and operations

Partner services architecture


Google Cloud

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