Frequently asked questions

Which versions of Kubernetes and types of clusters can be connected?

Connect is designed to work with GKE versions.

What happens if a cluster's Agent gets disconnected?

If the network connection for a cluster Agent is disrupted, the Agent will periodically attempt to reconnect.

How many clusters can I connect?

See Quotas and limits.

Does Connect support VPC-SC?

Yes, Connect works with VPC Service Controls (VPC-SC), and it is considered a supported product.

Can I install Kubernetes applications from the Marketplace?

If you want to deploy a Kubernetes application to non-standard cluster configurations, such as a Anthos clusters on VMware cluster, you must complete some additional tasks. To learn more, refer to Deploying Kubernetes applications to non-GKE clusters in the Cloud Marketplace documentation.

How do I add or modify the location label on my connected cluster?

You can add or modify the location label (and other labels) on your cluster by performing the following steps:

  1. List the registered clusters in your project, and determine which on you want to modify:

    gcloud container hub memberships list

    In the command output, the Name column lists the membership names of registered clusters, and the EXTERNAL_ID column lists the clusters' UIDs of the kube-system namespace.

  2. Update the location label:

    gcloud container hub memberships update [MEMBERSHIP_NAME] \


    • [MEMBERSHIP_NAME] is the membership name corresponding to your cluster.
    • LOCATION is the location that you want to set.