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Versioning and upgrades

This page explains GKE On-Prem versioning. See also:

Versioning terminology

In GKE On-Prem, there are a few versioned entities:

  • gkectl
  • Bundle
  • Admin workstation OVA
  • Admin clusters
  • User clusters

The table below describes the two versions used in GKE On-Prem: the GKE On-Prem version and the Kubernetes version.

Version Versioned entities Usage Description
GKE On-Prem version
  • gkectl binary
  • bundle .tgz file
  • admin workstation .ova file
  • admin clusters
  • user clusters
  • Needed to install the admin workstation.
  • Needed during cluster upgrades to download the latest bundle file.

Represents the version of a complete GKE On-Prem release with all of its components: the gkectl command-line interface tool, the bundle containing the software and its dependencies, add-ons, cluster controller, and documentation.

Kubernetes version gkeplatformversion configuration field Needed while modifying the GKE On-Prem configuration file during installation and upgrades.

Represents the version of Kubernetes deployed to a cluster. For more information, refer to Versioning and upgrades

Current versions

Version Latest version Available versions
GKE On-Prem version 1.0.2-gke.3
  • 1.0.2-gke.3
  • 1.0.11
Kubernetes version 1.12.7-gke.19 1.12.7-gke.19

GKE On-Prem version

  • Admin clusters and user clusters can run a different version from each other.

  • User clusters' version is set by the bundle that is shipped as part of the release.

Cluster versioning

  • When a new GKE On-Prem version becomes available, you use an upgrade bundle to upgrade your clusters. Upgrade bundles are stored in a Cloud Storage bucket at gs://gke-on-prem-release/gke-onprem-bundle/[VERSION]. You copy this file from the bucket to /var/lib/gke/bundles/ on your admin workstation.

  • Admin clusters use the GKE On-Prem version. To interact with an admin cluster using gkectl, the gkectl binary you use must be at the same version as the admin cluster.

  • To upgrade an admin cluster using gkectl, the gkectl binary needs to be at the version to which the admin cluster is being upgraded.

  • When a new GKE On-Prem version becomes available, you might need to upgrade your admin cluster before you upgrade your user clusters.

  • Admin and user clusters do not need to be the same version.

  • gkectl does not need to be at the same version of a user cluster to interact with it.

Security updates

To determine whether an upgrade contains security updates, see Release notes and the Google Kubernetes Engine security bulletins.

Versioning policy

A new Kubernetes version becomes available to GKE On-Prem clusters soon after GKE ships that Kubernetes version. User clusters cannot run Kubernetes versions that are more than two versions behind the admin cluster.

See also the Anthos versioning support policy.