A new version of GKE on AWS was released on October 2. See the release notes for more information.

Limitations and known issues

This topic describes the current limitations of using GKE on AWS.

Overall quotas and limits

Your GKE on AWS clusters are subject to any AWS service quotas that are on your AWS account, including but not limited to, the following:

For more information, see the AWS Service Quotas console.

Management service limits

  • One management service can support at least 30 user clusters.

User cluster limits

  • GKE on AWS is tested with clusters of 200 nodes. Larger clusters may be possible depending on your workloads.

Feature limitations

This section describes the feature limitations of GKE on AWS.

GKE versions

GKE on AWS aws-1.5.0-gke.6 supports the following Kubernetes versions:

  • 1.17.9-gke.2800
  • 1.16.15-gke.700

Component upgrades

This section describes upgrading your AWSClusters and AWSNodePools.


You can update an AWSCluster to a new version of GKE on AWS without updating your AWSNodePools.


You cannot update an AWSNodePool to a version newer than your AWSCluster. To update your AWSNodePools, you must first update your AWSCluster.

Your AWSNodePools version must be no less than two minor versions behind your AWSCluster version.

Node repair

Automatically repairing unhealthy nodes is not supported.

Node image types

GKE on AWS cluster nodes run Ubuntu version 18.04 (Bionic). The image is similar to Google Kubernetes Engine's Ubuntu node image.

ContainerOS and Windows nodes are currently not supported.

Supported EC2 instance types

The following AWS EC2 instance types are supported:

  • t3.medium
  • t3.large
  • t3.xlarge
  • t3.2xlarge
  • m5.large
  • m5.xlarge
  • m5.2xlarge
  • m5.4xlarge
  • m5.8xlarge
  • m5.12xlarge
  • m5.16xlarge
  • m5.24xlarge
  • m5d.large
  • m5d.xlarge
  • m5d.2xlarge
  • m5d.4xlarge
  • m5d.8xlarge
  • m5d.12xlarge
  • m5d.16xlarge
  • m5d.24xlarge
  • c5.large
  • c5.xlarge
  • c5.2xlarge
  • c5.4xlarge
  • c5.9xlarge
  • c5.12xlarge
  • c5.18xlarge
  • c5.24xlarge
  • c5d.large
  • c5d.xlarge
  • c5d.2xlarge
  • c5d.4xlarge
  • c5d.9xlarge
  • c5d.12xlarge
  • c5d.18xlarge
  • c5d.24xlarge