Getting support

Google Cloud offers a variety of support packages to accommodate your support needs. All Google Cloud Support packages include support for Anthos. If you have an existing Google Cloud Support package, you already have support for Anthos, including GKE, Anthos clusters on VMware, and Anthos Config Management.

For more information, see the Google Cloud Support documentation.

Support for Anthos clusters on VMware

To learn about support for Anthos clusters on VMware, refer to the product's support page.

Support for Anthos Service Mesh

You can deploy a service mesh to your GKE or Anthos clusters on VMware clusters by installing Anthos Service Mesh. To learn more, see the Anthos Service Mesh support page.

Support for Anthos attached clusters

Your Google Cloud support includes support for any Anthos components deployed on Anthos attached clusters, though not for the clusters themselves.

Version Support Policy

The objective of this Version Support Policy is to allow customers the flexibility to schedule upgrades when it meets your business needs, while balancing the rapid evolution of both Kubernetes and Anthos.

Google publishes a new major (for example, x in version x.y) or minor (for example, y in version x.y) Anthos release each quarter, with a monthly patch release (for example, z in version x.y.z). Google supports the current and previous two (n-2) minor versions for each Anthos component.

We encourage you to maintain your Anthos environment with the product's latest major or minor release. You can find out about the latest supported versions for each component and how to upgrade in the component's documentation.

This version support policy includes:

  • Break/fix support from Google Cloud Support.
  • CVE security vulnerabilities to Kubernetes and related components.
  • General patches to Kubernetes and related components.
  • CVE security vulnerabilities to Ubuntu or Container-Optimized OS.
  • General patches to Ubuntu or Container-Optimized OS.