Anthos deployment options

Deployment option details

This table shows you the features provided with each Anthos deployment option.

Components marked with an asterisk (*) are also available separately to non-Anthos customers.

Component Sub-component On-premises (VMware) On-premises (bare metal) AWS Google Cloud Attached clusters
GKE (Google Cloud)* - - - Y -
GKE usage Metering N N N Y N
Node Autoprovisioning (GKE) N N N Y N
Vertical Pod Autoscaler (GKE) N N N Y N
Shielded GKE Nodes N N N Y N
Application Layer Secrets Encryption N N Y Y N
GKE Sandbox N N N Y N
Workload Identity for GKE N N N Y N
Anthos clusters (other environments) Y Y Y - -
Network Plugin Y Y Y N N
CSI & Hybrid Storage Y Y Y N N
Authentication Plugin for Anthos Y Y Y N N
Prometheus/Grafana Y N N N N
Bundled L4 LB Y Y N N N
AWS Load Balancers N N Y N N
Anthos Service Mesh Y Y Y Y Y
Anthos ServiceOps Dashboard N N N Y N
Anthos Service Security (Managed CA) N N N Y N
Anthos Config Management Y Y Y Y Y
Policy Controller Y Y Y Y Y
Config Connector Y Y N Y N
Cloud Run for Anthos Y N N Y N
Google Cloud Marketplace* (Anthos-badged applications) Y Y Y Y N
Cloud Logging and Cloud Monitoring for system components Y Y N Y N
Multi-cluster Ingress N N N Y N
Anthos UI & Dashboard Y Y Y Y Y
Migrate for Anthos* Y N YP Y N
Binary Authorization Y N N Y N

P - This is a pre-GA preview feature. Pre-GA products and features may have limited support, and changes to pre-GA products and features may not be compatible with other pre-GA versions. For more information, see Product launch stages