Anthos clusters on AWS installation overview

To create your Anthos clusters on AWS environment, perform the following steps:

  1. Complete the Prerequisites
  2. Install the management service
  3. Create user clusters to run your workloads

Before you begin

You can learn about the components of Anthos clusters on AWS in Architecture. There are additional concept topics that explain how Anthos clusters on AWS handles Authentication, Security, Storage, as well as others.

Management service

A management service creates, updates, and deletes Anthos clusters on AWS (GKE on AWS) clusters. You have the following options to install a management service:

User clusters

After you install a management service, create your user clusters. Choose from one of the following options to create the user cluster:

What's next

After you have installed a management service and created user clusters, you are ready to launch workloads. Try one of the following: