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Anthos lets you build, deploy, and manage applications anywhere in a secure, consistent manner. You can modernize existing applications running on virtual machines while deploying cloud-native apps on containers in an increasingly hybrid and multi-cloud world. Our application platform provides a consistent development and operations experience across all your deployments while reducing operational overhead and improving developer productivity.

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  • Seamless Anthos and HyperFlex setup

  • Ability to release on a daily basis

  • Single pane of glass monitoring


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Core components

Anthos GKE

Enterprise-grade container orchestration and management service for running Kubernetes clusters anywhere, in both cloud and on-premises environments.

Anthos Config Management

Define, automate, and enforce policies across environments in order to meet your organization’s unique security and compliance requirements.

Anthos Service Mesh

Anthos unburdens operations and development teams by empowering them to manage and secure traffic between services while monitoring, troubleshooting, and improving application performance.

Anthos security

Anthos enables you to secure your hybrid and multi-cloud deployments by providing consistent controls across your environments.

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Key benefits

Manage applications, anywhere

Anthos gives you a consistent platform for all your application deployments, both legacy and cloud native, while offering a service-centric view of all your environments. By decoupling the apps from the underlying infrastructure, our platform gives you the flexibility to run your services across multiple clouds, on-premises, and even edge locations.

Deliver software faster

Build enterprise-grade containerized applications faster with managed Kubernetes on both cloud and on-premises environments. With Anthos, you can take advantage of your production-ready containerized solutions with prebuilt deployment templates from our growing partner ecosystem. Create a fast and scalable software delivery pipeline across your deployments with cloud-native tooling and expert guidance.

Protect applications and software supply chain

Leverage a programmatic, outcome-focused approach to managing policies for your apps running on both VMs and containers. With Anthos, enable greater application awareness and control with a single pane of glass view for your services’ health and performance. And you can protect your software supply chain by implementing deploy-time security controls to ensure that you deploy only trusted container images.

Reduce cost

Realize immediate operational cost savings by automatically migrating traditional application workloads running in VMs into containers that can be easily added to your CI/CD pipeline. Anthos can run directly on bare metal with no third-party hypervisor, delivering better performance while eliminating licensing costs.

Use cases

Future-proof your business with a platform built to address your most challenging use cases.

Use case
Modernize existing applications with Anthos

Use containers to incrementally modernize your existing applications and run them anywhere. Migrating to open-source-based frameworks can help eliminate licensing costs and reduce operational overhead.

Use case
Modern CI/CD with Anthos

Create a fast, secure, and scalable software delivery and development pipeline that spans on-premises and the cloud with tools and expert guidance from Google Cloud.

Use case
Anthos at the Edge

Run applications closer to your end users, beyond your data centers and public cloud environments, wherever you need it—whether it’s a retail store, branch office, remote site, or telco edge.

Integrations and services

Accelerate your path to Anthos with these services and integrations.

These partners offer innovative solutions that leverage industry-leading open source technologies from Google. We’re expanding our integrations with key partners, growing our service partner list, and continuing to invest in open source to make building on Google Cloud even more flexible and open.

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