Upgrading Config Sync

Config Sync is upgraded whenever you upgrade Anthos Config Management. Before upgrading, check the release notes for any specific instructions.


  1. In the Cloud Console, go to the Anthos Config Management page.

    Go to Anthos Config Management

  2. Select the clusters that you want to upgrade.

  3. Click Configure.

  4. Click ACM settings for your clusters.

  5. From the Version dropdown, select the version that you want to upgrade to.

  6. Click Done.


Run the following command:

gcloud alpha container hub config-management upgrade \
    --project=PROJECT_ID \

Replace the following:

  • CLUSTER_NAME: the name of the registered cluster that you want to upgrade
  • PROJECT_ID: your project ID


Run these commands for each enrolled cluster:

  1. Download the Anthos Config Management manifest and nomos commands for the new version.

  2. Apply the Anthos Config Management manifest:

    kubectl apply -f config-management-operator.yaml

    This command updates the Anthos Config Management image. Kubernetes retrieves the new version and restarts the Anthos Config Management Pod using the new version. When Anthos Config Management starts, it runs a reconcile loop that applies the set of manifests bundled in the new image. This updates and restarts each component Pod.

  3. Replace the nomos or nomos.exe command on all clients with the new version. This change ensures that the nomos command can always get the status of all enrolled clusters and can validate configs for them.

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