Install Anthos Config Management

This page provides you with an overview of how to install and configure the Anthos Config Management components; Config Sync, Policy Controller, and Config Controller. To learn more about Anthos Config Management, see Anthos Config Management overview.

Supported platforms and versions

Config Sync, Policy Controller, and Config Controller are available for Anthos and Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) users. For GKE users, there is an additional charge to use Policy Controller and Config Controller. To learn more, see Pricing.

For Anthos Config Management versioning and upgrade compatibility information, see Anthos version and upgrade support.

Enable Anthos Config Management

Before you can use Anthos Config Management components, you must enable the appropriate APIs and Anthos Config Management. To enable these features, complete the following steps:


  1. In the Cloud Console:

  2. Click Set up Config Management.

  3. To enable the Config Management API, click Next.


  1. If you are an Anthos user, enable the Anthos API:

    gcloud services enable

    GKE users don't need to enable the Anthos API.

  2. To enable Anthos Config Management, run the following command:

    gcloud beta container hub config-management enable

Set up Anthos Config Management components

Although the components are designed to work together, you can install each Anthos Config Management component as a standalone product. The following pages show you the different ways that you can set up and configure these components:

Example: Install Policy Controller and Config Sync

For a guided example showing you how to install, configure, and test Policy Controller and Config Sync, see Get started with Anthos Config Management.

Upgrade Anthos Config Management

Policy Controller and Config Sync are upgraded whenever you upgrade Anthos Config Management. To learn more, see Upgrade Anthos Config Management.

Resource requests

The following table lists Kubernetes resource requirements for Anthos Config Management components. For more information, see Managing Resources for Containers in the Kubernetes documentation.

Component CPU Memory
Config Management Operator 100m 20Mi
Policy Controller 100m 256Mi
Config Sync (default mode) 240 m + 80 m * (number of RootSync and RepoSync objects) 620 Mi + 210 Mi * (number of RootSync and RepoSync objects)

For a breakdown of Config Sync resource requests by component, see Resource requests in the Config Sync installation page.

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