You're viewing documentation for Anthos Config Management 1.3. This version has reached end of life and is no longer supported. View the latest documentation.

Installation requirements for Anthos Config Management

This topic lists the requirements for installing Anthos Config Management on your GKE clusters.

Enable Anthos

Anthos Config Management requires an active Anthos entitlement. For more information, see Pricing for Anthos.

Supported platforms/versions

See Anthos version and upgrade support for Anthos Config Management versioning and upgrade compatibility information.

Resource requests

The following table lists Kubernetes resource requirements for Anthos Config Management components. For more information, see Managing Resources for Containers in the Kubernetes documentation.

Component CPU Memory
Config Management Operator 100m 20Mi
Config Sync 360m 210Mi
Policy Controller 100m 256Mi
Config Connector 250m 320Mi