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Hosted AI repository with one-click deployment for machine learning teams.

One Stop for Everything AI

One stop for everything AI

Google Cloud’s AI Hub is a hosted repository of plug-and-play AI components, including end-to-end AI pipelines and out-of-the-box algorithms. AI Hub provides enterprise-grade sharing capabilities that let organizations privately host their AI content to foster reuse and collaboration among machine learning developers and users internally. You can also easily deploy unique Google Cloud AI and Google AI technologies for experimentation and ultimately production on Google Cloud and hybrid infrastructures. More usage and content types will be supported on AI Hub as the beta program progresses, to further simplify learning, experimenting, and deploying AI in production.



Access the latest and best AI content published by Google AI, Google Cloud AI, and Google Cloud Partners. Enterprise users can also discover AI components built by other teams within their organization.



Improve enterprise productivity and avoid duplicate efforts with private sharing controls that allow users to share and reuse AI content within their organization.



Modify the algorithms and pipelines for custom needs and deploy them easily on Google Cloud or your hybrid infrastructure.

An AI catalog for enterprises

Access both public and private content

AI Hub provides a secure repository for private AI content that’s shared only between authorized users within an enterprise. It also gives you easy access to ML models and research papers created by Google, including public content from Cloud AI, Kaggle, Research at Google, and DeepMind, as well as material published and shared by third-party providers.

Easily share your AI content with AI users

Users Entire AI workflows Different development paths Multiple ML frameworks Content

Business analysts


ML engineers

Data scientists

Data engineers

End users

Data ingestion

Data analysis

Data transformation



Evolution and validation



Data science tools







AI Platform Notebooks

TensorFlow models

AI services

Deep Learning VM Images

Managing intellectual capital and transferring knowledge across markets and industries is a core competitive advantage of the Global Wunderman Thomas Analytics team. With hundreds of data scientists, engineers, architects and analysts across the globe alongside a diverse list of clients and requirements, the sharing of intelligence is vital. AI Hub is a platform that lets us centralize our code and knowledge in a way that can step up the pace of deployment and learnings globally, giving us the scale to deliver data-driven marketing excellence.

Yannis Kotziagkiaouridis, Global Chief Analytics Officer, Wunderman


Google Cloud Machine Learning Partners come with deep AI expertise and can help you incorporate ML for a wide range of use cases across every stage of model development and serving.

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