Agent Assist pricing

Agent Assist is priced according to the number of chat sessions processed by the service each month. A chat session is defined as a conversation that uses only text for sending and receiving information and contains 70 messages or less.

  • Conversation: A conversation is defined as a resource that contains an exchange between a human agent and an end-user.

  • Message: A message is defined by a single request to AnalyzeContentRequest with an entry in the text_input field.

If a conversation contains 70 messages or less across all participants, it is defined as one chat session. If a conversation contains more than 70 messages across all participants, it is counted as multiple chat sessions with a maximum of 70 messages per session. For example, a conversation with 70 messages is counted as one chat session, while a conversation with 71 messages is counted as two chat sessions.

Price table

Feature Price
Chat session $0.06 per session
Design-time requests** Free

** Design-time requests can include uploading your data to Agent Assist, training a model using either the API or the UI, and so on.

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